Raising Triops – Day 1

They’ve finally come!

My seemingly random, late night purchase of the Toyops deluxe triops kit felt something like christmas; I couldn’t hardly keep still as I constantly checked the tracking status to see when the whole thing might arrive. image001-1

Triops have to be some of the most interesting little creatures a person can raise. They’re Triassic era shrimp who haven’t evolved much in the past 70 million years or so. They’ve specialized to thrive in vernal pools, which are basically rainy-season puddles. Their eggs are crystalline, much like many of the other inhabitants in these pools, and will stay valid while dry for 15 or more years! Thus, they’re pretty ideal creatures to sell in kits. overview

I’ve got mine to put in my wife’s little 2.5g classroom tank so that the kids can see how things grow, live, reproduce, and die all in one semester. 16935550_603716443152851_1479857536_o

Day 1: Hatching

-Container: Small pyrex bowl with temp strip (~74-77 F)
-Contents: Black aquarium sand; egg hatching starter (eggs, detrius, sand), limestone pebble
-Water: “Mountain Forest” spring water
-Lighting: 120v, 40w desk lamp
-Parsnips (I didnt have any carrots)


Thoughts: The kit is really easy to put together, and the instructions are well done. For this one, they excluded the hatching dish, though I’m not sure why. The product review I watched prior had the dish and a larger one for when they get bigger. I assume it is because they include something akin to a critter keeper where the whole process can go down without having to move everyone around. I think its pretty nice. I have other plans, though, and I’m using the critter keeper for another experiment. I was surprised by the eggs and sand mixture; the company definately updated the kit and it seems to serve very well because for the first 3 days, you don’t have to feed, just watch.¬†

I’m pretty excited. Day 1 doesn’t have much other than setting the whole thing up and just waiting. I’ll post updates as we go, though.



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