Raising Triops – Days 2 and 3

Day 2 –

Honestly, I was worried. The instructions and the research page I found indicated that the baby triops would start hatching within the first 24 hours and continue on for the next five or so days. I started the project late saturday evening and I swear, I couldn’t stop checking all day Sunday. With no movement in sight, I resigned to wait.

Day 3 –

I swear, my breath has been held since I figured out that the tiny pink pearls are the actual eggs, not the black detritus (bio matter). Today, I performed a massive rearranging of our entire apartment, moving all of my aquariums, too. The very last thing I did, about 30 minutes ago, was relocate my little triops dish to the new aquarium shelf. Since I worked on water changes with the other two tanks, I figured I’d start working on the dish, too.

My biggest worry is the effect of parsnips vs carrots. They’re the only thing I had on hand, though, so I hoped it would work. The water is pretty cloudy and possibly a little filmy, so I attribute that to the wrong veggitable.



After removing one bit of parsnip and adding new water, I noticed the tiniest spec of movement. Hurredly, I fetched the provided magnefying glass, and then my phone (which worked way better). I can’t tell you how excited I have been to find not one, but TWO tiny, neigh microscopic wrigglers. THEY. ARE. SO. CUTE.





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